Company Info

‘uni’ Mitsubishi Pencil :

Since 1887, Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd. has worked to improve the quality of its products and enhance its technologies, under its motto of “The finest Quality is the best Service”. Hence building our position as a leading manufacturer of writing instruments. Products developed through technical expertise accumulated over the years include “uni-ball” water based ink roller balls with metal tips that dominate the world market; POSCA, colorful felt tip pens that are popular with all ages and have a variety of uses; and “uni-ball Signo,” gel ink roller balls with remarkably fine 0.18mm-diameter balls.

Mitsubishi Pencil was one of the first writing instrument manufacturers to take environmental issues into consideration, launching products with recycled materials in 1992. All of Mitsubishi Pencil’s corporate activities promote the reduction of waste and the recycling of resources in order to conserve the environment.

The drastic changes in our industry’s economic environment in recent years had a significant influence on what customers value. Mitsubishi Pencil has been quick to respond high value added, distinctive products, putting itself in the customers’ position so as to provide the products and services that truly match their needs. Meeting such demands is the biggest challenge and the biggest responsibility.

All the uniball products are manufactured by MITSUBISHI PENCIL CO., Shingawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Linc Limited :

Linc Limited has exclusive rights of distribution, marketing and packaging of ‘Uniball’ brand in India. Linc Limited has been associated with Mitsubishi Pencil Co Ltd since 1992.

Linc Limited is a leading manufacturer, marketer and exporter of writing instruments and stationery products. The company’s headquarter is in Kolkata, with two state of the art manufacturing facilities in West Bengal. All the manufacturing facilities of the company are ISO 9001:2008 certified.